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Seirios Deco brings to the Indian market an exclusive collection of European decorative lighting. Their brands have diverse portfolios with collections that exude luxury for all interior spaces. 



Defined brand identity by designing the logo, curating fonts and selecting rich colours to embody their mission.



Crafted a bespoke website, integrated design elements to reflect the luxurious and professional essence of the brand.



Strategically launched the brand on various social media platforms and fostered engagement



The brightest star in Earth's night sky. The name means "glowing" in Greek 

Crafted the iconic centerpiece of the brand – a distinctive and powerful primary logo that encapsulates the essence of sophistication, professionalism, and exclusivity, setting the visual tone for the entire brand identity.


 Used line art dot illustration in different layouts to enhance the design and to give the creative a distinct identity that can be easily recognized by the audience as the brand identity. It's an illustration of a wave lit effect from a decorative light. The amber strokes imitate the glow of warm white lights.


Bespoke website, with integrated design elements to reflect the luxurious and professional essence of the brand. A tailored touch - directing individual focus on partner brands through separate navigation menus.

Interactive galleries and call to action buttons across the website. 


Translated the partner brands' unique identity through images and videos. 

Launched the brand online through storytelling and concept exploration. We ignited conversations around the brand's essence, sparking interest and anticipation as we delved into the unique concepts that define its character.

Meticulously curated

Authentic Images

Concept Exploration

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Rhea Bhargava

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